Ronaldo’s Sending Off

Following the fallout from the Spanish Super Cup earlier in the week, where Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off in Real Madrid’s 5-1 win against Barcelona. Should he have been banned for as long or should it have been extended?

It all seemed going perfect for the man dubbed as the best player in the world. Scoring a fantastic goal from the outside of the box, smashing it into the top corner to silence the Nou Camp. He was initially booked for taking off his shirt and hanging it in front to the whole crowd – something Lionel Messi did last season. For this, he got a yellow card.

A minute later, Ronaldo was through on goal and allegedly dived which he received a subsequent yellow card and for that meant he was sent off. The yellow card was harsh as it looked more that he lost his footing than anything else but it was what happened afterwards which shocked everyone. In the heat of the moment, Ronaldo pushed the referee.

He was handed a 1 game ban for the initial red card and a further 4 game ban for the push on the match official.  Ronaldo could have been banned for up to 12 matches and there are shouts from lots of quarters that he should have had the book thrown at him and given the full ban. Spanish FA rules state that this large suspension was possible.

Former English Premier League referee, Graham Poll has said he’s disappointed with the light punishment. He says that pushing a referee in any instance is something that cannot be condoned.

People in general are saying because Ronaldo is a role model for millions of young fans worldwide, he needs to act better and realise the position he is in, in the public eye.

Ronaldo missed Real Madrid’s 2-0 win against Barcelona in the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup last night and will miss the four games at the start of La Liga.

At Perfect Memorabilia, we think that things happen in the heat of the moment. Sometimes Ronaldo gets hit with a bad brush and isn’t given the best hand. We feel that the ref made a wrong decision initially but that didn’t condone what Ronaldo did at all. His punishment is fair, looking at it from both sides.

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