Pep Guardiola

How Pep Guardiola Moulded The Unbeatable Man City

It can be difficult looking at Manchester City and actually believing what you’re seeing. The future managers of the club will have a problem. The football played at the tail end of 2017 will be the foundation of how their judged in the future.

One of their most well known fans, Oasis song writer Noel Gallagher mentioned its “the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life”.

You may not agree that their playing the best football ever seen in the Premier League era but what you can’t argue with is their winning streak – 18 wins in a row and nothing looks like their going to be stopped.

This Isn’t a Guardiola record, yet! When he was at Bayern Munich he won 19 games in a row in the Bundesliga finishing off with a win against Hertha Berlin to secure the league title with games to spare. He’s a guy known for records – like the ones in Germany and England, he was able to achieve 16 wins in a row at Barcelona too.

It’s hard to compare the winning run in Germany compared to Manchester. Different time, different players and in an entirely different league.  A 4-1-4-1 formation was his preferred option in Munich with Philipp Lahm running in front of the back four.

Possession is king to how Guardiola wants his teams to play with Bayern Munich averaging over 70% during their winning run.  While it worked for a time, Bayern got outclassed by the kings of Madrid – losing 4-0 at home to Real in the Champions League semi.

Looking at City presently, he has a tinkered version compared to his time elsewhere. The full backs are still a vital characteristic of his team with Kyle Walker and Benjamin Mendy being bought last summer but there are other subtle differences.

Pep still has his doubters. Those to point out that he’s never managed a struggling side and that money & players has got him to where he is. Saying that look at Mourinho at Man Utd, unlimited resources but he’s struggling while other City managers before him didn’t make an impact like he has.

He has bought well with the likes of Mendy, Ederson, Gabriel Jesus and John Stones. Players have improved too, we’re talking Fabien Delph as an example.

He’s made brave decisions for the best of the team, kicking Joe Hart out and on occasion even dropping Sergio Aguero. Looking further back he moved the likes of Deco, Ronaldinho and  Eto’o on from Barcelona. It shows he thinks of the future and how his teams will progress. It’s intelligent man management.

The difference now at City compared to his time elsewhere is he’s writing the history. A Man City 3.0 if you will. He runs the media, the transfers, and training, he runs the show.  Manchester City are just beginning, there’s nothing to live up to from before. Unlike at Barcelona and Munich he doesn’t have the constraints of the board or the culture of the club to hold his ethos, thoughts and vision back.

Let’s see how the story unfolds in the second half of the season.

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