Manny Pacquiao Profile

Manny Pacquiao is one of the best boxers of the last 50 years, an eight-division boxing champion of the world.  He’s the first boxer in the history of the sport to win ten titles in multiple weight divisions. He made it in 8 division in fact. In the 2000’s he was named “Fighter of the Decade” by the BWAA, the Boxing Writers Association of America while winning another prestigious award, “The Fighter of the Year” in 06,08 and 09.

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Looking at his early years, Manny was only 14 years of age when he moved to Manila and lived on the streets for a period of time. He adopted boxing as a way to survive and worked hard enabling him to become part of the Philippine national amateur boxing team. He was able to get his room paid for by the government at the time.

Pacquiao had an excellent amateur record of 64 fights and only 4 loses. He turned professional at 16 and by the age of 32 he became a 16 year pro in the sport, becoming one of boxings biggest and most important starts. He won numerous world titles at different weight classes including at 112, 122, 126, 130, 135, 140, 147, and 154 pounds.

He’s gone toe to toe with the likes of Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, and Antonio Margarito, beating them all in different weight divisions.

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He is also a national hero back in his homeland of the Philippine where he is a politician, a recording music artist and an actor in several films.

In his most recent fight, against Jeff Horn he lost to a controversial judges’ decision.  Dubbed as the the battle of Brisbane, it was for the WBO Welterweight Championship. Horn won by unanimous decision but the WBO reviewed the decision when Manny claimed it was an unfair decision. The WBO backed the initial decision and the bout was award to Horn.

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