Benefits Of Playing Football

Agility, endurance and footwork are just a few of the essential skills when playing our countries most popular sport, football. There are numerous benefits to playing football. The great thing about the game is that it’s a world sport, popular in nearly every country on every continent.

Perfect Memorabilia have put together the top 10 health benefits that come with playing the beautiful game. Check them out:


Increases Aerobic Capacity

You need to have an elevated level of stamina in order for you to run for 90 minutes straight, at any intensity. You also need a variable amount of aerobic capacity too, being able to go from walking pace to sprinting then back again while also having a fast recovery time in order to keep going again and again.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

In a full game of football, the average player will run up to 7 miles. With the consistency of walking, running and jogging, it keeps the player’s heart rates up providing a great cardio exercise. This helps players at it strengthens their hearts, reduces their blood pressure and burns excess calories.

Lowers Body Fat and Improves Muscle Tone

By playing football, it burns lots of fat as it works your heart and muscles in separate ways.  You build muscle mass and burn fat at the same time because football makes you use slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibres.  You burn more calories than a general workout because players use both aerobic and anaerobic pathways.

Builds Muscle Strength

To kick, jump and tackle you need a lot of lower body strength. Lower body strength is also needed for explosive speed.  When shielding the ball, for throw-ins and holding off opponents, upper body strength is an advantage.  Playing the sport builds the upper and lower body.

Increases Bone Strength

As you know, the older you get. Bone density decreases.  To increase the strength of our skeletal frame is to play football. Maintaining fitness via football over the course of your lifetime keeps the bones strong.

Teaches Coordination

When you play football, you will shift between walking, running and then also sprinting so having good coordination is key here.  The complex movements such as dribbling, passing and turning that are performed using rates of direction and speed.  The players with good coordination will have the advantage.

Football Promotes Teamwork

While fitness goals are generally personal, we can be pushed forward by sharing common goals with others. Lessons can be learned when working together on the pitch, to help the team progress and win. It can be translated into daily life too.

Increases Cognitive Brain Function

Football increases self-discipline, persistence and concentration because it’s a sport that requires quick reactions on the field. When the pace has slowed players are still trying to position themselves in areas of advantage in order to give them a chance to score.

Football Increases Confidence

Having a built physique and endurance helps improve the confidence in a player on and off the field. Sports performance will not only be improved by confidence and self-esteem but improve the output in University, your career, family life and friendships.  Studies show that exercise can play a huge part in treating anxiety and depression.

Football is an inclusive sport for everyone. At PM, it’s our passion and our past time too. Stay up to date on the blog for more discussion from the world of sport and get in contact if we could be of any assistance.

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